Give Twice!

Dec. 16 - Dec. 18

Bring in nonperishable food items into Raging Rivers Waterpark on Dec. 16 - Dec. 18 and receive $7.50 captain passes. One nonperishable food item is equivalent to receiving one captain pass for $7.50. The more nonperishable food items you bring in the more captain passes you will receive at a discounted rate. Your kindness will benefit Aid. Inc. Happy holidays!

Raging Rivers is located at 2600 46th Ave. SE. Office hours are M-TH from 8am-5pm and F 8am-4pm. We are closed daily during 12pm-1pm.

Don't know what nonperishable food items to bring in? Aid Inc. gave us a list of nonperishables items that are high in demand.


American Sliced Cheese  (12 pc.)
Baked Beans  (canned)
Banquet Homestyle Bakes
Beefaroni (canned)
Beets (canned)
Campbells Vegetable soup (add water)  10.5 oz cans
Carrots (canned)
Chicken Helper Assorted flavors  (boxed)   6.6 oz
Chicken Noodle Soup (add water)  10.5 oz
Chicken Noodle Soup (Progresso) 
Chili  with beans or without  (canned)
Chocolate pudding (box - instant)
Chunky Soup (18.8 oz cans)
Cold Cereal (small boxes) non sugar
Corn Beef Hash  ( canned)
Flavored potato Sides  (packages)   5.7 oz
Flavored Rice Sides (packages)   5.7 oz
Gravy  (packets or canned)
Great Value Fully Cooked Roast Beef (canned)    12 oz
Hamburger Helper Assorted flavors  (boxed)    6.6 oz
Homestyle Bakes (boxed)
Honey  (small bottles)
Hormel Compleats meals      (9.5 oz microwavable)
Hot cereal (packages)
Hot Chocolate (individual packets)
Jello ( no Strawberry)
Jelly (20 oz plastic bottles)
Ketchup small bottles
Macaroni & Cheese (boxed)       7.25 oz
Margarine  (soft & small tubs)
Mashed Potato Flakes
Mayo - (plastic bottles)    15 oz             
Mustard (small bottles)
Pancake Syrup ( small bottles)
Parmesan Cheese  (3 oz plastic bottles)
Peanut Butter  (18 oz plastic jar)
Peas  (15 oz can)
Pork N Beans (canned)
Powder Milk (3.2 oz packages (makes 1 qt) 
Progresso Soup or Chunky Soup (ready to eat)  18.5 oz
Ramen Soup (Beef and Chicken) packages   
Ravioli  (canned)
Saur Kraut (canned)
Salmon  ( packages or canned)
Speg Sauce  ( canned 15 oz,   and  canned 24 oz. )
Stew (canned)
Stuffing (boxed)
Whole Potatoes (canned)  29 oz
Tomatoes Asst - canned diced, stewed & sauce
Tomato Soup  10.5 cans
Tuna Helper (boxed 6.6 oz)
Vegetables Asst (cannned)
Vienna Sausages  (canned)
Laundry Soap  (Liquid -  NO BLEACH)
Bar Soap
Tooth Paste
4 pack toilet tissue
Dish soap (small bottles)
Hand Soap