Guest Services


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Things to know before you go!

Height Measuring

A guest’s height, not age, is an important safety factor on our four slide tower attractions.  During the admission process, our guest services employees will verify the height of children entering the park.  We require that guests are 48 inches tall to ride the two tube slide and two speed slide features.  This requirement is set forth by the slide manufacturer and insurance guidelines. Once the measurement has been taken at Guest Services, guests who do not meet the 48″ height requirement will be given a special wristband to eliminate additional height measuring throughout the day.  Anyone caught trying to take children who do not meet the height requirement down the slide attractions will be given a warning.  Guests who attempt to break this safety rule again will be asked to leave the park.  We are not trying to limit fun, we are maximizing the safety of your children.  The addition of our new AquaPlay unit includes a number of new slide features to keep those under 48 inches entertained.



Proper swimming attire for Raging Rivers Waterpark must be worn as well. Proper swimming attire is defined as one-or-two piece swim suits without abrasive buttons, rivets, zippers or snaps. Guests wearing street clothing (i.e. shorts, jeans, etc.) will not be allowed in any pools or on any slides at Raging Rivers Waterpark.  Guests wearing glasses are encouraged to wear an eyeglass strap.  We sell them at the Sandbar Concessions and Guest Services windows.


Inclement Weather

Raging Rivers Waterpark does not offer rainchecks or refunds in the event of inclement weather.  Please give us a call at 701-663-3393 if the weather is questionable on the day you are planning on visiting us.  Additionally check our Facebook page for daily weather updates!


Life Jackets

Life jackets are available throughout the day on a first-come first-serve basis.  Guests may bring their own life jackets if they wish.  Only coast guard approved life jackets are allowed.


Personal Water Toys

For safety of our patrons, we do not allow guests to bring their own tubes, balls and other pool toys.


Lost & Found

Should you lose an article during your visit, please check Lost and Found located at Guest Services ticket windows.


Outside Food and Beverages

Outside food and beverages are not allowed into the waterpark.  If you wish to get something from your car or leave the waterpark to eat and come back, see our readmission policy below.  Patrons bringing food or beverages into the park will be asked to return them to their cars.



We ask non-season pass guests who wish to leave the park and return on the same day, to not remove your wristband.  Guests with wristbands removed will have to pay the daily admission fees again.


Drink plenty of fluids

It’s important to drink fluids throughout the day to stay hydrated.  Water fountains are located near the bath house and bottled water may be purchased at the Sandbar Concessions.  Additionally we do allow patrons to bring in water bottles such as Camelback’s and Nalgene bottles to fill from our fountains.


Wear sunscreen

Wear sunscreen and reapply it throughout the day.  Little ones are especially susceptible to the sun.  Sunscreen and protective lip balm are available at Sandbar Concessions and at Guest Services windows.